Message From Chairman

For over 20 years now, East Horizon has built a unique position in the provision of academic programs and I am pleased to play a part as Chairman of the Management Committee which has this responsibility.

One of the primary roles of the Management Committee is to foster excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. It is a role that we take very seriously here at East Horizon, and one that determines the nature of the oversight given to the East Horizon programmes and academic activities.

East Horizon English Higher Secondary has quite a special position in the private education sector. With its distinctive culture, it provides a clear student-centred environment in which to explore existing knowledge of business, and gain new learning at the leading edges of business development, based upon a fundamental use of a work-applied management learning approach.

East Horizon provides the opportunity to reflect on personal experience, and to analyse that individual experience against the experience of others written into the scholarly knowledge base of literature, as well as the practices seen in business case studies.

East Horizon is an organization committed to the promotion of further understanding of what education is, and what the sustainable development of business enterprise means, as well as pursuing the development of the skills to practice effective performance in these fields. Its individualised attention, and small group workshop mode, offers just the right environment for busy practitioners to share their insights, ask questions and consolidate their reading.

The Management Committee is committed to addressing the overall quality of the programmes offered on an on-going basis, so that you can be assured that you are receiving qualifications of the highest standard to lead into the future.