Internal Accessment

There will be four term examinations, including pre-term. Each term examination will carry some marks to make the final score. The pre-term will have the weightage of 40% marks/ first term 60% marks/ second term 100% and the third term 100%. Except the pre-term in all other term examination 10 marks will be added from the weekly test for all the major subjects before each term.


Final Score

Weightage given to 1st term : 25%

Weightage given to 2nd term : 25%

Weightage given to 3rd term : 50%

Total:              100%


Besides academic evaluation, students’ performance, conduct, attitude, punctuality, drawing, dance, music, co-operation will be evaluated and given grades from A to E.

Excellent     Grade A

Good    Grade B

Satisfactory   Grade C

Poor    Grade D

Fail    Grade E

The school conducts tests and examinations time to time throughout the academic year. All the internal examinations are compulsory. If a student is absent in the internal exams, s/he has to pay a fine and again sit for the examination. The student failing in the internal exam are to compulsorily give re-exams till they pass. Some fee will be charged for the re-examination and the student have to sit for the re-exams on holidays.