Disciplinary Policy

Discipline is one of the important aspects of school administration. It is regulated and maintained by a School Disciplinary Committee (SDC) chaired by the Principal/Chief Administrator. The committee's decision will be final and binding. The students violating the school Code of Conduct and Regulations are dealt sternly.


Some important School Code of Conduct and regulations


1.      Students must come to school on time in proper school uniform.

2.      Boys are not allowed to keep unacceptable hairstyle, wear earring, bangles / hand bands, and multiple finger-rings once they enter the school premises. They are also not allowed to wear sunglasses and caps inside classrooms.

3.      Girls are not allowed to come with unnecessary and gaudy make-ups.

4.      Once within the premises, students are not allowed to leave before the scheduled time except during emergencies with due permission from the concerned authority.

5.      Students must carry their Identity Cards all the time.

6.      Students are not allowed to smoke, use alcohol, drugs and abusive language. The abusers will be dealt sternly under the school disciplinary policy.

7.      The property of the school (library books, computers and others) must be handled with utmost care. The students concerned must compensate any damage caused to the property of the school.